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Quirina Orozco
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Christopher Cabaldon


West Sacramento

"Quirina is a passionate and steadfast advocate for her community. She believes everyone deserves the opportunity to be successful and she’s always the first to step up to lend a hand to her neighbors. Her dedication to making West Sacramento a better place for all knows no limits."


Lenise Mowry

Small Business Owner 

Lenise's Cafe

“Q has a heart of gold. She loves

West Sacramento and she shows that through her actions every day. She has been the biggest cheerleader for our little café and small businesses throughout

our city.”

Mr. Jung Hi Res.jpg

David Jung

Small Business 


UpLift Martial Arts

“Quirina Orozco will stand up for you and beside you. She will fight on behalf of all the members of this beautiful community, stand for social justice, and bring leadership that is guided by her character and love for the people in this city.”


Marianne Estes

Lifelong Resident

Bryte & Broderick

“I’ve spent my life in Bryte & Broderick. I met Quirina because she was instrumental in creating the Disney Kaboom structure in Bryte Park. Quirina doesn’t just talk about community unmet needs, she rises to the occasion, and her leadership inspires others to act. Her efforts have been instrumental in transforming lives.  I’m proud to have her as a public servant who truly cares about everyone in our community.”


Phillip Babbineaux Member

Downtown Streets Team

"After to joining the Team, I have built my self-confidence and started applying myself. I have to thank Quirina for bringing Downtown Streets Team to West Sacramento and for believing in us. DST has become my family and my friends. DST helps those of us who are experiencing homelessness but willing to overcome our hardships."


Stay Tuned For Upcoming Quirina Orozco for West Sacramento City Council 2020 Events

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